Things we consider when selecting your coating, 

Latex, Acrylic, lacquer, Epoxy.

Selecting a Paint System

  • Type of substrate
  • Surface preparation
  • Desired durability
  • Desired finish and color
  • Environmental conditions
  • Application restrictions
  • Cost and ease of maintenance
  • Desire to meet LEED requirements
  • Desire to create a healthy environment, and
  • Life cycle cost
  • Primer- prepares and seals surfaces, promotes adhesion, enables easier colour transition, optimizes quality characteristics: uniformity, touch-up, gloss/sheen, colour coverage, and specialty performance characteristics-supports longevity of the coating
  • Intermediate Coat- the first coat of the finish coat or a barrier coat to finish coat
  • Finish Coat- final coat of paint, you may consider more addition top coats for truer color, durability.